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Our commitment

For the past years, we have sold a wide variety of high-performing residential and commercial products that exceed customer expectations. We are so confident that our products have superior quality that we offer lifetime warranty on a selection of our products. Eco-Solution-Canada can assist you in obtaining financing solutions, subsidies and eligible tax credits. Find out whether your roof repair or home renovation project is eligible by contacting one of our team members specialized in financing roof repair and renovation projects.

Our vision

We have decided to stay in what we have mastered. With years of experience in roofing we find it is the best way to build assets while helping the world. Each roof done, reproaches us for leaving to a greener world.

We are very proud to be certified by the largest shingle distributor in North America. Indeed, we install only the best shingle roof system in the world. GAF is so confident of the quality of its products that the company guarantees 50 years if installed by a GAF certified contractor. Indeed, GAF carefully selects its contractors and only the best are chosen. A list of important criteria is requested, including training courses in recurring roofing, a significant precedent as a roofer and all the insurance and licenses to better protect the consumer

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If you find that the walls are cold to the touch, your floors are cold, and you have high heating bills, it is probably due to the fact that your wall insulation is not to code. We provide you with our advice and expertise to carry out an optimum insulation of your home, whether it is new or old. To accomplish this project, one that will meet your expectations and goals, our specialists will meet with you and advise you on the most efficient techniques and products to achieve the best possible results

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All our services include the following features

Climatization Partners

Looking to cool or heat your house more efficiency?

We offer a full range of services to meet all needs in air conditioning and heating. Whether for a free estimate at home, a need for troubleshooting or maintenance, or the management of guarantees, we strive to provide an irreproachable service in terms of quality and time.

Our customers can enjoy an additional discount with At-Climatisation

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