Eco-Solution-Canada guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.


Asphalt shingles and other roofing materials have not traditionally been recycled; they’ve just been thrown into landfills. That’s why Eco-Solution-Canada supports a new recycling program that recycles old shingles for re-use in roadways!


If you find that the walls are cold to the touch, your floors are cold, and you have high heating bills, it is probably because your wall insulation is not to code. Specialists will meet with you and advise you on the most efficient techniques and products to achieve the best possible results.

A leader of energy efficiency and in the responsible use of environmentally friendly materials

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle !


Quality Service

Éco-Solution-Canada stands out from the competition by offering the best quality products available in the market and offers a service that places the client satisfaction above all priority.

Our group

We work together as a passionate group of people with love to the environment.


In early 2018, Éco Solution Canada was created by me (Sacha Bissonnette) and Émile Lajeunesse, two young entrepreneurs who share the same vision of the future of construction in Quebec and Canada, we want to push the popularity of self-sufficient houses and Eco Responsible because after working on construction sites we have seen the number of waste and materials that could be decomposable but which are not.

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