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Let us tell you a little more about our journey.

In early 2018, Éco Solution Canada was created by me (Sacha Bissonnette) and Émile Lajeunesse, two young entrepreneurs who share the same vision of the future of construction in Quebec and Canada, we want to push the popularity of self-sufficient houses and Eco Responsible because after working on construction sites we have seen the number of waste and materials that could be decomposable but which are not. At the start of the business we had several goals in mind that we didn't know how to achieve, no short or long term game plan. We wanted to change the world without the necessary resources. Our first year was quite an emotional ride. We went through tough times, lack of funds, lack of motivation, lack of self-confidence, etc. Despite all the losses and failures, we kept the lessons they gave us and we continued to fight for our vision of a clean future. It is thanks to these experiences that we were able to better organize ourselves and build a new company structure. We set ourselves short term and long-term goals, without having an end goal to allow us to never stop innovating and changing the market.

Quality Service

Roofing is a very tedious job, our roofing experts have the best in quality and attention to detail. We have mastered the roofing industry and are able to tailor your needs and desires into the overall completion of your roof.

Rated Roofing Contractors

Our roofing contractors have completed thousands of projects, providing high-quality work. Repair your roof with contractors that have outstanding reviews.

Our Environment Impact

We hope to generalize the use of hemp in canada by the end of the Year 2022. We encourage you to call us of more information.


A project that we envision in a near future.

Project Green Wave

Project green wave involves multiple projects that are oriented towards replacing common materials with eco friendly alternatives. The common misconception is that Hemp is marijuana, Hemp sits under the umbrella of Cannabis sativa , which is commonly known as cannabis, however, it has one major difference. The Marijuana form of cannabis sativa contains the compound delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is responsible for its psychoactive function, whilst the hemp version does not contain any amount that could have an effect. Essentially, you could try and smoke a soccer field of industrial hemp and all you would do is get a headache. There are hemp options that may minimize many of the unpleasant consequences associated with industrialization in the modern age and that is what we are bringing to the table with Eco Solution Canada.

We are limited to what we can do in Quebec so that is why we can't sell the product for the moment but we are working tirelessly to bring hemp to the Quebec construction market and to eventually normalize it across Canada.